Welcome to DiNucci Cycles!

Over the last 40 years I have focused on only one thing, designing and building the best bicycles possible.

Starting as one of the earliest US framebuilders in the 1970’s, I specialized in handmade frames for road and track and continued that work through the mid 80’s when I turned to designing production bikes for some of the biggest brands in cycling.

After 25 years of engineering bicycles for other brands I have returned to what I love most, taking the time to design and build frames that reflect my own standards in craftsmanship & performance.

Whenever possible, I design every element of your frame, from fit and geometry to tubes, lugs, dropouts and fork crowns. I run a small, one-man shop where every lug is shaped, brazed and filed by me. What I do takes time and only a limited number of DiNucci frames will be made each year. I strive to deliver a frame that is as perfectly crafted as possible and I think the end product is worth the wait.