Whenever possible, I design every element of your frame, from fit and geometry to tubes, lugs, dropouts and fork crowns.

Working for the big brands has given me one very unique advantage, I have been able to design tubes and lugs and then test them in some of the best testing centers in the world. When you are responsible for putting millions of bikes on the road, you find out very quickly what works and what doesn’t. My designs have also been tested outside the lab and proven in victories ranging from state and national titles to Tour de France stage wins and world championships.

Your assurance of quality is my experience. I don’t have sub-contractors, apprentice builders or assistants. My hands alone are responsible for every step in the process of creating a DiNucci frame, from the 3D modeling of a custom dropout to the machining, brazing & filing of the finished frame.

I insist on doing everything as perfectly as possible. Anything less simply will not leave my shop. Yes, this makes me slower than many and no, I will not use some of the crazy dropouts and frame components I see on other frames when my experience says they will eventually break. I refuse to experiment on my customers. I strive to make my lugs, bottom brackets, dropouts and tube designs as lightweight, elegant & durable as possible. They are also proprietary, which means that you won’t see them for sale from other builders.

So, while I can’t offer you someone else’s crazy looking dropouts or rococo lugs, I can promise that when you take delivery of a DiNucci you will be riding one of the most finely crafted bicycles in the world.